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Your Application has been submitted. 

Prospective Member Checklist
  1. Fill out a Membership Application - Completed. 

  2. Attend a Club meeting and bring the following:

    • Completed and signed application

    • Copies of your pilot certificate (front and back) and medical
    • ​Your initial payment of $565, which covers the $500 membership deposit and $65 initiation fee. (You can bring a check, or we have digital payment options available which we'll cover at the meeting.)

  3. After you've attended a meeting and we've received your application and payment, we'll give you instructions on how to take the Addison Airport Access class so that you can get your access badge for the airport.

  4. Once you have your airport badge and we've processed your initial payment, you'll gain access to the online scheduling system.


Attending a meeting is required so you can participate in a brief Prospective Member meeting that takes place after the general membership meeting has finished. You'll have a chance to learn more about the Club, get additional questions answered, see our online scheduling system, and meet other members. Plus, we get some great speakers at our meetings!

For more information or questions, please email us at

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