A check-out is required for each airplane you want to fly.

Check-out Requirements

As a Club member, you can get checked out in Club aircraft provided you:


1. Meet the pilot requirements for the aircraft you want to fly.

2. Complete the questionnaire for that particular aircraft, which is then reviewed and approved by a Club Check-out Instructor authorized to give Club Check Rides in that aircraft.

3. Complete an initial Club Check Ride with that same instructor.

Interested in the Cirrus?

The Cirrus check-out is a little more involved than the standard check-out process used for our other aircraft. 


Learn more about getting a Cirrus check-out

Check-out Questionnaires

The questionnaires are designed to ensure you're familiar with each plane you want to fly and with the Club's operating procedures.

Club Policies and Procedures:

- Required for your first check-out only -

   Supporting documents:

Aircraft Questionnaires:

- Required for each aircraft check-out -

Check-out Instructors

Club Check-out Instructors can provide aircraft check-outs in the planes they are authorized to give check-outs in. Additionally, these instructors can provide non-Club related flight instructing activities such as advanced training, flight reviews and proficiency checks.


Brandon Maso  CFI/CFII/MEI

Club Check-outs:

Bonanza, C-182, Arrow, Cherokee


Juan Flores  CFI/CFII/MEI

Club Check-outs:

Cirrus, Arrow


Otavio Nunes  CFI

Club Check-outs:



Tom Johnson  CFI/CFII/MEI

Club Check-outs:

Bonanza, C-182, Arrow, Cherokee


Daniel Simpson  CFI/CFII

Club Check-outs:

Cirrus*, Cherokee


Michael Elkheir  CFI/CFII/MEI

Club Check-outs:

Cirrus*, Bonanza, C-182, Arrow, Cherokee


Stuart Thompson  CFI/CFII/MEI

Club Check-outs:

Bonanza (preferred), C-182, Arrow

*Club Annual Flight Reviews (AFRs), IPCs, and general proficiency checks only. 


RFC offers an in-depth Cirrus transition program for our SR22. This is a great opportunity for pilots wanting to learn the most popular single-engine aircraft in the market today. Training includes ground school, a Cirrus completion certificate, and a sign-off by a CSIP.