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Own a Bonanza

And Continue a Club Tradition

The Club has had one or more Beeches online continuously since the early 1980s. This is a unique trademark for a flying club and a tradition we'd very much like to continue! 


Since the owner of N87MT has decided to sell, we are seeking a member (or members) interested in buying the plane and continuing its lease to the Club. N87MT has a new engine and new paint as of April 2023, along with exceptional panel upgrades. The asking price is $250K.


If you've ever wanted to own an aircraft, this would be a great time to speak up. For further information, feel free to call John Rousseau or Stuart Thompson. If you are interested in a partnership with another Club member, please let John know and he will help you get in contact with any other member who is also interested in a partnership.  



RFC Club Checkout Instructor Juan Flores is acting as a Training Center Instructor (TCI) at Stature Aviation and, as such, has been able to work with two new Club Members to obtain their Cirrus Completion Certificates, which will allow them to fly the Club's Cirrus SR22. 

Additionally, Brandon MasoDaniel Simpson and Mike Elkeir are able to give Club Annual Flight Reviews, IPCs, and general proficiency checks in the Cirrus. 


If you are a Club Member interested in getting checked out in the Club's Cirrus, please contact John Rousseau. If you're a prospective member looking to join the Club, and you're interested in flying the Cirrus, contact us to learn more.

Interested in Being a Club Instructor?

If you've been an active Club member for at least 6 months and meet the instructor requirements listed in the appendix of our Operating Policies and Procedures, reach out to Tom Johnson to discuss becoming a Club Check-out Instructor. 

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